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Biological network predicted by Backman et al (2017), PMID: 28178331 (c) Thomas Girke

The Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics (GGB) Graduate Program leads to conferral of a Ph.D. It offers modern integrative training across genetics, genomics and bioinformatics with opportunities to specialize in one or more experimental or computational disciplines. The GGB Program also administers a full undergraduate curriculum in Genomics/Bioinformatics within the Biological Sciences major.

Our program is diverse, with research opportunities in areas ranging from molecular genetics, genome biology, evolutionary genetics to molecular biology and bioinformatics. Our students have access to cutting-edge bioinformatics, high-throughput genomics, microscopy, and proteomics facilities. Robust cross-disciplinary interactions are fostered, with genetics as the central, unifying theme. These collaborations often bridge fundamental and applied genetics that merge the basic and translational life sciences with statistics and computer sciences. This same intellectual diversity also offers incoming students a wide variety of choices for conducting their dissertation research. After completing a core curriculum composed of introductory classes in all three areas of genetics, genomics and bioinformatics, students have the opportunity to specialize in one or more experimental or computational disciplines. This includes training in molecular genetics, systems biology, evolutionary genetics, genomics and bioinformatics. Classes are delivered by faculty from a wide spectrum of biological, biomedical and computational departments. As such, our students receive a broad training that fosters new perspectives on their own research. The GGB melds relevant statistics, computer science and life science courses into a flexible curriculum that appeal to computationally-oriented informaticians as well as to more experimentally-oriented your researchers. This curricular track has helped the GGB retain its unique identity in an environment of rapid change.

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