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The GGB Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium takes place each year during the fall quarter. Our GGB Graduate Student Association organizes and executes the day with presentations from third year continuing GGB students and postdoctoral fellows. Also, there is a poster session open to undergraduate and GGB graduate students. This is a great opportunity to display the breath of research and accomplishments of our students. The symposium also serves as a welcome to our new students.
The 2023 Annual Research Symposium will take place on November 20, 2023 in the Genomics Auditorium.

This year's Symposium information

Date: November 20, 2023

GGB Symposium 2023 Agenda-2


This year's GGB Symposium Award Receiptants


Best Oral Talk:
  • Tyler Jang - Immune, RNA, and Neurocognitive Genetic Pathways in Bipolar Disorder Subtypes
  • Yagna Oza - The role of G-protein signaling in cellulose degradation in Neurospora crassa.
Best Poster:
  • Linton Freund - Microbial Function and Diversity in a Hypersaline Lake
Best Flash Talk:
  • Ryan Bruelman - Twin discordancy offer possible early aging associations.

GGB Symposium Planning Team:

The GGB Graduate Program would like to thank the following people for organizing this year's GGB Symposium.
Dr. Thomas Girke
Dr. Arthur Jia
Xuesong Wang
Tyler Jang
Zehao Li
Cheng-Hung Tsai
Parnian Jabbari
Yagna Oza
Anthony Dominguez
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