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GGB GSA Mission Statement

The purpose(s) of this organization shall be:

  1. To create an association that will allow students of the UCR graduate program in Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics to participate in the administrative affairs of the program;
  2. To foster an open atmosphere conducive towards the advancement of the student's higher education;
  3. To provide a forum where members of the organization may voice their opinions and express their views; and
  4. To hold events that will promote program identity and unity.

Standing GGB GSA Committees

  1. The GGB Student Mentorship Committee shall be responsible for aiding students new to the GGB program as well as assigning specific GGB students to help mentor and guide the incoming class.
  2. The GGB Seminar Committee shall be responsible for helping to choose guest speakers for the GGB seminar series, and for assisting the host for each guest speaker on the day of his or her seminar.
  3. The Student Entertainment Committee shall be responsible for planning social events for the GGB program, as well as the set up and coordination of said events.
  4. The Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium Committee shall be responsible helping plan the symposium including scheduling and choice of guest speaker (if any). 
  5. The Recruitment Committee shall be responsible for helping to plan and carry out the recruitment day events for visiting applicants.


2023-2024 Officers

President: Xuesong Wang (xuesong.wang@email.ucr.edu)

Vice President: Tyler Jang (tyler.jang@email.ucr.edu)

GSA Representative: Zehao Li (zehao.li001@email.ucr.edu)

Secretary: Cheng-Hung Tsai (chenghung.tsai@email.ucr.edu)

Treasurer: Parnian Jabbari (parnian.jabbari@email.ucr.edu)


General duties and responsibilities of officers

  1. Assist with GGB Annual Conferences
  2. Help recruitment activities for prospective graduate students
  3. Assist with maintenance of portions of the GGB website, including the maintenance of student web pages and current student photographs
  4. Participate actively in the University's Graduate Student Association (GSA) and on associated campus committees.
  5. Maintain liaison with the faculty assisting graduate students with any complaints of a department policy nature that would affect the majority of the graduate students
  6. Assist Seminar Committee in finding suitable seminar speakers
  7. Assist the Program Director and faculty with regard to holding annual "discussion & evaluation" sessions


GGB GSA Constitution

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